Top 5 Trendy Bathroom Ideas for Your New Custom Home

Building your own home creates the opportunity to really make your dwellings feel like your own. That means you can design your entire environment in your home including the bathrooms! Keeping up with trendy bathroom ideas will give you inspiration on how you what yours to look.

That’s why we’ve created this complete guide on the most popular bathroom trends to make your building experience a little easier.

Trendy Bathroom Ideas:

1. Captivating Mirrors

Elegant mirrors of all kinds are becoming incredibly popular in bathroom decor designs lately! This is probably because mirrors are an easy way to upgrade a space without a ton of work. Sabal Homes offer a variety of mirror options including interesting double mirror setups, like in their Seabreeze Series.

2. Creative Lighting

Lighting is so integral to a good design. A great way to add an extra layer of flair to space is by ditching your typical lampshade or light cover for something more eye-catching. Dining rooms aren’t the only places where you can hang chandeliers, try adding something dramatic up top for a glamorous feel.

3. Ranch Style

A rural feel is becoming increasingly popular throughout the entire home with the recent rise in farm styled homes. There’s no excuse for this when it comes to the bathroom! Elements like terracotta tiles or claw-feet tubs are not only adorable but interesting as well. Ranch style elements really create a cozy feel making them perfect aspects to the bathroom.

Sabal Homes offer a few bathroom styles including ranch-style components, like the beautiful terra-cotta tiles seen in the Cayman Series.

4. Polished Fixtures

Give your vanity a facelift with a few simple changes. Ditching your usual fixtures out for polished fixtures will add an extra layer of style to your bathroom design. This change isn’t only simple and easy, but it gives you a little range to play with your choice of polish! You can choose something chrome, or go for something more unique like a rose gold finish.

5. Shower Art

Painting the inside of the shower is an easy way to create a luxurious design! It’s a unique way to express yourself while giving your bathroom look a pop of color and personality. It’s also an easy way to make the shower itself feel a little more glamourous, elevating the entire bathing experience from start to finish.

You can even find waterproof wallpaper to decorate the inside of the shower now. It’s an easy way to incorporate a cool design without needing the artistic skills to paint it by hand.

Keeping Up With Trendy Bathroom Ideas

Keeping inspired while building your dream home is important! You need to keep a firm idea of what you want your home to look like while experiencing the pros and cons of building from scratch. Keeping these trendy bathroom ideas in mind while your designing your bathroom will help you create a sustainable look you’ll love for years.

You’re designing your dream home, remember to keep an eye on the trends, try not to be too stressed, and overall enjoy yourself! Your home will be here before you know it.

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