Semi-Customized Home at a Non-Customized Price

Customized homes in Florida are surging up in demand, but they are often the most confused and misjudged piece of the housing puzzle. Most of the time, while on the house hunt, buyers end up purchasing a spec home.  Spec homes are designed and built by home builders to be move-in ready to meet customer demands. While specs homes are great, the real treasure is customizing your own home.

It doesn’t rule out the fact that some of the spec homes are beautifully built, but if you are eyeing a more customized home, spec homes are just not for you.

So, what’s left?

Maybe calling an architect who can design the house of your dreams and taking it to a builder to get things going? Probably not. The number of resources and time you’d spend on this approach isn’t worth it.

The best way is to partner up with an experienced homebuilder such as Sabal Homes of Florida. This will ensure your semi-customized home completes within the stipulated time and budget. This approach has several advantages. Continue reading to learn about these advantages.

Advantages of Building a Semi-Customized Home with Sabal Homes of Florida:

1. Adds Value & Saves Time

You can either tackle the project by yourself, from the lot booking to the architect, and finally to the builder or you can work with an experienced construction experts at Sabal Homes of Florida.  If you go about it all by yourself, it will be tedious with heavy on the pocket expenses. If you engage directly with Sabal Homes of Florida, it will save you time and add value to your newly built customized home.

2. Architects are Expensive

They are, no doubt, good at their work and have a compelling way to design your home. However, it is also true that architects’ services are a tad bit expensive, and saving money is your first and foremost priority while building a home. Working with homebuilders like Sabal Homes of Florida is easy and cheaper than their architect counterparts.

3. Getting What’s Desired

When the customer is integrally involved in the design process with a home builder, they are bound to get exactly what they have requested. Additionally, the quality standards can be well-kept and maintained at all times during the entire build process ensuring a quality product. With decades of experience, Sabal Homes of Florida has seen it all when it comes to home building. They have creative solutions to address even the most complex of issues.

4. Home Resale for Customized Homes

After investing so much effort and time into your semi-custom home and ensuring all the quality standards are met, it is needless to say that your home value will increase and never slope down. As a customer, what more could you ask for?

If you are looking for semi customized homes in Florida, Sabal Homes of Florida is the right decision. Customers can take one of our existing plans and work with our expert staff to create a home specific to their personal needs

We also provide personal attention for your customized home for over 40 years and is something that we are really proud of.  With a strong current real estate market, Sabal Homes of Florida is working aggressively to keep the overall home costs down so that every customer gets their share of the benefit and value for the money – a custom home at a non-custom home price!

Want more? Check out our gallery of stunning custom homes to see what we have in store. We have homes in FishHawk and Hidden Reserve available.


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