Building a Dream Home in the Brandon Area

Dream Home in Brandon, Florida

Situated just a short drive from the cosmopolitan Tampa Bay and the beach, Brandon’s affluent communities offer respite from the hustle and bustle while keeping people connected. It’s the perfect place to settle down, raise a family, and have some fun.

Curious about building a dream home in the Brandon area? If so, read on to learn more about how Sabal Homes approaches building custom dream homes.

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Provided by or compliments of bassenian-lagoni architects. We have other mood photos provided for inspiration by BLA for homes they have designed for us over the past 30-years, including interiors MBA & staircases that show detail.

Decide What Is Important to You Before You Begin

Many of us have imagines our dream house for years now. It’s one thing to want to build a dream home, but it’s another to narrow down the specifics.

First, map out your priorities and create an achievable timeline. Goals with deadlines are more likely to come to fruition than goals without deadlines.

Questions to ask yourself during the beginning stages:

Make sure to document all your answers so nothing gets forgotten when the time comes to meet with us.

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Tradewind Exterior By Rob Harris

Create a Budget

You’ll want to consider your budget in the previous stage, but once you’ve narrowed down some of the critical details of what you desire, it’s time to focus on the financial planning phase of your dream home.

Research the cost of homes in the neighborhoods which fit your desires. For instance, homes in Fishhawk Ranch and Hidden Reserve differ in price. In fact, the homes in Fishhawk Ranch range from approximately $624,000 to $800,000. On the other hand, the homes in Hidden Reserve range from approximately $498,000 to around $670,000.

Study your income and projected cost ratio to see which ones fit your budget.

Finally, create a contingency strategy. Unexpected expenses occur, and nothing ever goes exactly according to plan. Your budget should account for that. Always have extra budget in your back pocket in case anything arises.

Make a Final Decision on a Plot of Land

Do you want to live in a posh neighborhood? Or are you looking to build your dream home from scratch away from everybody?

Making the final decision on the location of your dream home is as important as building the house itself. Remember, your ideal house should be as close to perfect as humanly possible. Your home’s location has a lot to do with that, so take your time on this step. Location is everything, so consider the differences between our neighborhoods.

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Hero 2 Tradewinds

Join our OYL & Semi-Custom Home Program

Here at Sabal Homes, we take care of the builder crew for you. We have in-house complimentary design services to help guide you in planning your dream home. We can sit down with you a design a custom floor plan and new front elevation that is everything you ever wanted.

If your vision requires collaboration with other design professionals, then we can contact our strong team of third party consultants to make your dream a reality. Our OYL and Semi-Custom value proposition is built upon our years of experience, responsiveness and creativity.

Let us take away the hassle of finding an architect, crew and design team for you to enjoy the home building process. Keep in mind, true custom homes projects can cost 1.5X per square foot for a standard plan. Factor this into your budget if you want a custom design.

Enjoy Your Dream Home

After you’ve braved the gauntlet, sit back, sip a mojito, and gaze at your dream home’s glory. It’s all worth it in the end, so enjoy the fruits of our labor. You will not only enjoy your dream home, but you will also enjoy making it!

Contact us today to learn more about our dream home process.