Build On-Your-Lot, Explained: Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions

Tired of cramped closets, musty carpets, and outdated fixtures? It might be time to move.

As a home shopper, you have two options: buy an existing home or build a brand new one. Building on-your-lot is an excellent option for anyone who’s tired of living within the confines of other people’s designs. Why not start fresh?

In this article, we’ll delve into what it means to build on-your-lot by answering our three most frequently asked questions.

Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: What Does Build On-Your-Lot Mean?

A builder that specializes in on-your-lot construction builds a home on a lot that you already own. They’re also known as semi-custom home builders. It’s a great way to get a brand new home on your own terms.

If the lot you own already has a home on it, you can tear that home down and build something from scratch. You might own a lot that’s not yet developed. In this case, the builder will work with you to set up all of the applicable utilities and building permits before starting your new home.

Don’t own a lot yet? Consider looking into buying a lot in development like the new home community at Hidden Reserve in Brandon, FL. Sabal Homes built this community as a quaint alternative to larger, master-planned communities.

FAQ: What Are the Pros of Build On-Your-Lot?

If you already own the land, that’s one less step you must take to build your dream home. You won’t have to go through the paperwork that comes with buying a piece of land.

Tearing down or moving an existing home to build something new means you’ll spend less money prepping the land for building. Odds are good that you’ll already have the correct utilities in place for the new home, and you might save some time and money on landscaping and excavating when you build on-your-lot.

Building a new home on an existing lot is a great way to add value to your land. Most people don’t want to go through the process of building on a lot so you’ll see an incredible return on investment. Sabal Homes specializes in high-quality, customizable homes that can create instant equity in a property.

FAQ: What Should I Look for In a Builder?

Look at your builder’s resume. Do they have plenty of experience doing on-your-lot construction? Can they provide you with a large portfolio of homes to review?

Sabal Homes has been building homes in the Brandon, FL area for over 40 years. We’ve worked with thousands of happy customers and have a portfolio full of homes for you to check out.

Ask the builder about floorplan options. Some builders have just a few floorplans that they work with and they won’t allow homeowners to deviate much from those plans. At Sabal Homes, we offer both fully custom and semi-custom on-your-lot construction options to adapt to your needs.

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