5 Benefits of a Bathroom With a Separate Shower and Tub

One of the exciting bathroom trends in 2020 is having a separate shower and tub. A freestanding soaking tub that is. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good, long soak in a deep bathtub? When you do this, you quickly realize why there’s a difference between a bath and a shower. With one, you take your time. The other gets you clean quickly and efficiently.

Read what we see as the benefits of having a separate shower and tub in your home. We’re sure you could come up with some other items to add to our list.

1. Bathtub and Shower Combos Aren’t the Best for Either

With the bathtub as part of a tub and shower combo, you have to lie down in the tub even to get your shoulders wet. And that’s if you’re not very tall. You’re just getting comfortable when the overflow drain starts sucking out water.

Whoever decided a bathtub makes a good shower, anyway? There’s little room to move your legs, and you’re always at risk of slipping and falling.

2. You’ve Always Wanted a Big Tub

The clawfoot tub from the 17th and 18th Centuries has made a comeback with large, deep modern bathtubs. With no indoor plumbing until quite recently, bathing was a lengthy and luxurious event for those able to afford it.

Someone (often a servant) would bring water from outdoors, heat it on a stove, and fill the tub. With today’s indoor plumbing, it’s much easier to luxuriate in a tub.

3. Yes, You Can Customize Your Bathroom

Homebuilders at Sabal Homes, other home contractors, and bathroom designers are all happy to help you plan a new bathroom—whether your dream master bathroom or a retreat for guests.

Share your ideas with us at Sabal Homes, and we’ll help you achieve a bathroom you’ll love for years to come. Soaking tub? Separate shower? We’ll work with it. Come check out our work at our Westwind 2-story series.

4. You Need This Bathroom for Practical Reasons

Getting everyone ready for work and school in the morning can be quite a scramble. Why not let the kids have fun getting clean in the bathtub while you and your partner enjoy showers. Everyone will be clean and ready to start their day.

This arrangement can also ease the chaos of hosting families with kids. They all can get ready in their space while you and your family get set in yours.

5. Taking a Shower After a Bath Is the Ultimate Clean

Not everyone hops into the shower to rinse off after a bath. And there’s some controversy as to whether this is a necessary ritual. Still, when you think of the germs and other detritus that linger in the tub, you might be compelled to go straight to the shower.

Your Separate Shower and Tub Are Ready

Your dream master bathroom awaits you, and you can’t wait to get into that freestanding soaking tub you wanted. It’s great to have a separate shower and tub in your bathroom. Or, should we say “your relaxation room”?

Sure, there is a difference between a bath and a shower. But when it comes down to it, each has its place.

If you would like us to create this type of bathroom in the new home that we’ll build for you, let us know. It would be our pleasure.


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