Build On-Your-Lot, Explained: Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions

Tired of cramped closets, musty carpets, and outdated fixtures? It might be time to move.

As a home shopper, you have two options: buy an existing home or build a brand new one. Building on-your-lot is an excellent option for anyone who’s tired of living within the confines of other people’s designs. Why not start fresh?

In this article, we’ll delve into what it means to build on-your-lot by answering our three most frequently asked questions.

Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: What Does Build On-Your-Lot Mean?

A builder that specializes in on-your-lot construction builds a home on a lot that you already own. They’re also known as semi-custom home builders. It’s a great way to get a brand new home on your own terms.

If the lot you own already has a home on it, you can tear that home down and build something from scratch. You might own a lot that’s not yet developed. In this case, the builder will work with you to set up all of the applicable utilities and building permits before starting your new home.

Don’t own a lot yet? Consider looking into buying a lot in development like the new home community at Hidden Reserve in Brandon, FL. Sabal Homes built this community as a quaint alternative to larger, master-planned communities.

FAQ: What Are the Pros of Build On-Your-Lot?

If you already own the land, that’s one less step you must take to build your dream home. You won’t have to go through the paperwork that comes with buying a piece of land.

Tearing down or moving an existing home to build something new means you’ll spend less money prepping the land for building. Odds are good that you’ll already have the correct utilities in place for the new home, and you might save some time and money on landscaping and excavating when you build on-your-lot.

Building a new home on an existing lot is a great way to add value to your land. Most people don’t want to go through the process of building on a lot so you’ll see an incredible return on investment. Sabal Homes specializes in high-quality, customizable homes that can create instant equity in a property.

FAQ: What Should I Look for In a Builder?

Look at your builder’s resume. Do they have plenty of experience doing on-your-lot construction? Can they provide you with a large portfolio of homes to review?

Sabal Homes has been building homes in the Brandon, FL area for over 40 years. We’ve worked with thousands of happy customers and have a portfolio full of homes for you to check out.

Ask the builder about floorplan options. Some builders have just a few floorplans that they work with and they won’t allow homeowners to deviate much from those plans. At Sabal Homes, we offer both fully custom and semi-custom on-your-lot construction options to adapt to your needs.

Build the Home of Your Dreams Today

If you’re looking to build on-your-lot, the experts at Sabal Homes of Florida are here to provide you with years of experience in the Tampa area. Contact us today to learn more about the many services we offer.

Putting the Freedom Back In On-Your-Lot Building

On-your-lot building is a great way to repurpose a vacant property for a new home, replace an outdated home, or significantly increase the value of your property. Here in Brandon, FL, where the community is growing by the day, on-your-lot building is an opportunity that makes more sense than ever. 

On-your-lot Building:

However, there are many different avenues to take when seeking to build on your own lot, some of which will be more restricting than others. Below, we discuss how a semi-custom luxury home builder can free up different aspects of your life and allow you to focus on what’s really important. If you’re looking to build on your lot in Brandon, look no further than Sabal Homes, a trusted name in the community since 1976

Free Up Your Finances

All too often, people see an empty plot of land and decide to sell it as-is rather than hassle with the investment of building on the property. Think of it like this: when purchasing a vehicle, would you rather buy an empty frame or a brand new model? Most people don’t want to buy something that needs to be invested in further, and home buying is no different. If you’re looking to make significant money on your land, there’s nothing like a semi-custom home to spike the value. 

Even better, if you’re looking to move into your newly constructed home, you’ll be making an investment that will hold its value for a lifetime.  Whatever you’re looking for in a new luxury home, we have a wide array of options that are sure to accommodate your needs. 

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Free Up Your Time

Once you’ve decided to build a luxury custom home on your land, you have two routes: fully custom and semi-custom. Initially, the concept of building your home from scratch may seem attractive. You can just tell them anything you want, and they build it, right? Unfortunately, it’s far more complicated than that. Fully custom home building is an extremely tedious and intimidating process. You have to decide everything that goes into your custom home. That can take many long hours, forcing you to make decisions that may have little to no impact on the home’s final design. 

That’s where we come in. As semi-custom home builders, we have a portfolio of home designs ranging from 3,185 to over 4,685 square feet. As with every Sabal home, you can personalize yours with structural and interior design options. We do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to designing a home, allowing you to make all of the important decisions in the customization process. 

To speak with a professional builder about Brandon custom homes, or to start building your luxury dream home, please submit our contact request form or call us at 813-655-7475.

Picking the Right Luxury Home Plan for Your Lot: 3 Tips

Owning a piece of land is an outstanding achievement in life. You’ve cut out your own slice of the Brandon pie. You can now facing the decision of finding the home plan that pairs beautifully with your lot. Below, we’ll be discussing what lot owners should take into consideration when beginning the home building process. We will also be outlining the features of some of the home plans we offer here at Sabal Homes of Florida, a Brandon luxury homebuilder

Our extensive portfolio of floor plans come with a variety of options, including one- and two-story series of varying styles and sizes. If you’re searching for a semi-custom homebuilder that can guide you through the planning and construction process of your home, contact us. We are a team of architects, design partners, and project managers at Sabal Homes of Florida. 

3 Tips for Plan for Your Lot:

An Open Floor Plan 

When picking the right luxury home plan, you must be cognizant of how much square footage you need. Too many Brandon luxury homes waste square footage by blocking off home sections with useless corridors and hallways. At Sabal Homes of Florida, we embrace open floor plans. One of our most popular options, the Cayman design, features a great room that connects directly to the nook and kitchen, creating a large, inviting, and versatile living space for family and friends to gather and enjoy each other’s company. 

Privacy Where it Counts

In addition to an open floor plan, the best Brandon luxury homes allow for privacy no matter how many guests are being entertained. Don’t settle for a home design that lumps every bedroom together in what is sure to be a chaotic part of the home. Look for a home design that will be a sanctuary under any circumstance. 

Our stunning, two-story Gulfview series is excellent for either those who work from home or the reader in all of us who wants to get away. This design features a den and library combination that is located off the main foyer. An additional in-law suite ensures that no one desiring peace and quiet is left without refuge. And with the master bedroom on the first floor, this design is superb for parents during the night. 

Customizable Design Options 

No single floor plan is going to fully provide for the needs of every client. The floor plan you decide on should exhibit an array of customizable options. If your heart is set on a certain number of bedrooms and baths, then don’t compromise. You shouldn’t have to alter your expectations for a floor plan. The floor plan should change for you. Our multi-award winning Tradewinds series offers anywhere from 4-7 bedrooms and 4-6 baths. With its formal dining room, outdoor living areas, and three-car courtyard garage setup, it’s no wonder why this is the Sabal Homes signature showcase home. 

To speak with a Brandon luxury homebuilder, or to start building your luxury dream home, please submit our contact request form or call us at 813-655-7475.

Bringing a Luxury Home to Life on Your Lot: 4 Considerations

If you already have a lot picked out, knowing how to proceed with a luxury home is a big decision. When staring at the blank canvas of your lot, what do you think your finished home will look like?  Do you see a one-story retreat or a two-story family home? Do you envision countertops of granite, quartz, or soapstone? What about a den or outdoor kitchen? Continue reading to learn how to bring a luxury home to life. 

At Sabal Homes of Florida, we understand that there are practically limitless options to choose from when designing Lithia luxury homes, which is why we’ve streamlined the design process. Whether you have a plan of your own or are interested in one of our award-winning designs, we would like to work with you on bringing your vision to life. 

4 Considerations Luxury Home to Life on Your Lot:

Choose From One of Our Plans… 

Our predetermined home designs range from 3,185 to 4,685 square feet. Each series offers optional floor plans to ensure that the number of bedrooms and baths are to your liking. Exteriors can be chosen from amongst our Craftsman, Italian, Traditional, Mediterranean, and Tuscan styles. Additionally, all of our home designs prioritize energy efficiency and feature oversized windows that are smartly placed for natural light. Whether you value privacy, outdoor living, or open living spaces, there’s a design plan that’s right for you and your family.

…Or Bring Your Plan to Us 

Whether your plan is on blueprints or still an idea in your head, we want to make them a reality. Our team of architects can evaluate your initial designs and work with you to ensure that your vision shines through in the final product. No matter how unfamiliar you may be with the design process, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your concepts. Our process is all about collaboration.

Experience Our Design Studio   

At Sabal Homes, we believe that a house is not a home unless the owner has a voice in design. But with so many of the design choices left as abstract plans, we resolved to provide clients with a single location to see, touch, and feel the design choices that we offer. This is where our design studio comes into play. Here, clients can experience for themselves the cabinets, flooring, tiles, fixtures, etc. that can be incorporated into their home. Whether we proceed with the “our plan” or “your plan” option, all of our clients can benefit from working with an expert interior designer at our design studio. 

Make Your Luxury Home a Sabal Home  

Whether created from our plan or yours, a home built by us is a Sabal Home. With that comes the highest standard of quality and excellence. At Sabal Homes of Florida, we’re able to achieve this by placing our clients’ needs above all else. Plus, we deliver a home that will serve them for years to come. If you have a lot and are considering your next steps, contact the team at Sabal Homes of Florida, a Lithia luxury homebuilder

To speak with a Lithia luxury homebuilder, or to start building your luxury dream home, please submit our contact request form or call us at 813-655-7475.