Considering Home Customization? Here’s Why a Semi-Custom Home Might Be Right for You

Are you considering home customization for your beautiful, Florida home? Some homeowners mistakenly believe that any customization may negatively affect the resale value of the home.

Interestingly, the opposite may be true. Not only can customization make your home appear more luxurious to potential buyers, but it will make your own experience living there infinitely more enjoyable.

Here are some key reasons a semi-custom home could be the perfect choice for you.

Pros of Home Customization

Home customization can vary completely depending on your desires, budget, and interests. The positives of customizing your home to any degree are many.

Pro #1: Control Over Details

Until this point in life, you may have had very little choice in the details of your home. Sure, you may have been able to choose from one or two different options for things like hardware, light fixtures, or flooring.

However, the opportunity to choose anything you’d like allows you the chance to make your home entirely your own.

A custom home is a work of art, it tells a story about you as the owner to everyone who enters. Customizing allows you to enjoy true self-expression in one of your most valuable assets–your home

Pro #2: Get the Latest Appliances and Tech

Building a home or completing renovations with a run-of-the-mill contractor can leave you with appliances or tech that’s less than the latest model as builders sometimes opt for more cost-effective appliances to save money.

However, when you customize your home, you, as the future owner, make the choice. Want surround-sound in your room? It’s there. Want a microwave in the pool-house? You got it.

Customizing can give your home a serious upper-hand when it comes to the resale value if you opt for the latest in smart-appliance, automation, or another tech.

Pro #3: Choose Where you Want Things

Are you planning for a family? Building a new home with customizations, you make the choices that are important to your personality and family.

Choose to put the nursery right next to your bedroom – no more stumbling down the hall in the middle of the night to calm a crying baby.  Want to avoid having a bathroom anywhere near the kitchen? You can choose where the bathroom works best.

Need a little extra storage space inside the laundry room? You got it. Home customization gives you all the perks you’ve wanted in your home, right where you want them.

Pro #4: Create Your Ideal Outdoor Space

Home customization doesn’t have to apply only to your home’s interior. You can design an in-ground bbq pit, create a functional outdoor kitchen for pool-side meals, or have a lounge area complete with TV and a sound system.

Customize Your Home Today

Whether you’re opting for semi-customizing your existing home, or for a total new home build customization, hiring experienced professionals is key to getting the finished product you’ve dreamt of. Our team of expert builders and designers is here to answer all your questions.

Browse our gallery of stunning custom homes and see why Sabal Homes is the ideal builder to help you create the home of your dreams.

7 Surprising Facts About Suburb Living

America’s suburban population has been growing since the 1990s. Around 175 million people in the United States live in the suburbs. From cheaper grocery trips to quieter nights, there are many upsides to suburb living. If you’re interested in the benefits of suburb living, keep reading.

Here are 7 surprising facts that you need to know about suburban living.

1. Cheaper Cost of Living

The biggest benefit of suburban living is the price. Not only is rent nearly $600 less on average, but everything else you need to buy is less expensive as well.

Gas prices tend to be cheaper in suburban areas in addition to enjoying cheaper groceries with suburban living.

2. Suburb Living is Quieter

While the bustling pace of the city seems exciting, it’s also the cause of noise pollution. The traffic, construction work, and high concentration of people can make living downtown a headache.

In the suburbs, you’ll rarely have construction projects near your home. Fewer people are walking around to make a racket at all hours of the day.

In most suburban neighborhoods, you won’t hear heavy traffic noises. The biggest difference is that you won’t hear emergency vehicle sirens all day and night as you normally do in the city.

In fact, Sabal Homes’ two communities are quiet, in the suburbs, and are ideal for families. FishHawk Ranch is an established and thriving master-planned community in Lithia, Florida. The community is close enough to the city for a commute or night out, but far enough away to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Hidden Reserve, on the other hand, is also a quiet Sabal Homes community. It is more intimate than FishHawk Ranch with only 22 exclusive homesites and is in the heart of south Brandon.

3. The Stars at Night are Big and Bright

While the colorful lights of the city are mesmerizing, nothing beats the wonders of nature. All the light pollution in the city can make it difficult to enjoy the simple things.

In the suburbs, you’ll be able to walk out of your home at night and gaze up at all the constellations of stars. You’ll have the opportunity to see meteor showers easily, something city-dwellers have to drive far away to enjoy.

One of our strengths here at Sabal Homes is outdoor living. Let us work with you and your family to create an outdoor entertainment area for you to see these big bright stars.

4. Personalized Decorating

Living in the city pretty much guarantees that you’ll live in an apartment. That means no paint, no holes in the wall, and sticking with the flooring you’re given.

With suburb real estate, you can personalize your home’s colors and floors and hang anything you want on your walls. Some companies even allow you to have input on your home’s design.

5. So Much Storage Space

City apartments are designed to fit as many people into one space as possible. This means you’ll hardly have enough room for your necessities, let alone the items you normally keep in storage.

In suburban homes, you’ll have an attic or at least a crawl-space to store seasonal and other personal items. No longer will you have to squeeze your holiday decorations into your closet until the next year.

6. No Compromising Convenience

City living may seem convenient until you have to pay money to park your car. Don’t get us started on the several trips up flights of stairs after a big grocery trip.

Living in a suburban home won’t limit you on how many cars you have or how many groceries you can buy, not to mention, the lines at the DMV and polling places will be a lot shorter.

7. Your Land

Another great part about suburban living is having your own land – be it a quaint backyard or an acre to yourself, it’s much more than you’ll ever get in the city.

This means it’s much easier to have pets of every size and it also allows you to enjoy things like pools, hot tubs, and grills whenever you want.

Superb Suburbs

Now you know all the benefits of suburban living, it’s time to move there!

Sabal Homes of Florida will be happy to get you moved into a beautiful suburban neighborhood. Give us a call for more information on our luxury home options.