5 Reasons to Customize Your Home in Brandon, FL

Customize Your Home for These 5 Reasons

Are you searching for a new house? The Brandon area boasts affluent neighborhoods and some truly impressive abodes. If you still haven’t found a home that meets all your needs, why not skip the house hunting altogether? Sabal Homes can build you a semi-custom home of your dreams. If you’re not sure if building a new home is for you, read on. We will give you five great reasons to customize your home.

  1. Perfectly Suited to You

A semi-custom home is tailored to your needs. No matter if you have a large or intimate family, you can choose a floor plan that suits your lifestyle.

Have an interesting hobby? Include it in your home design plans! For example, you might build in a gourmet kitchen or forgo the fifth bedroom in favor of a spacious bonus room.

Building a semi-custom home perfectly suited to you doesn’t have to be expensive. Here at Sabal Homes, we understand your budget concerns. We can work with you on your budget to determine the best strategy for crafting your new home. Even if you are cost conscious, you still have the opportunity to build a custom home with us.

  1. Choose the Finishes

Have you ever found an almost perfect home? You loved the layout but, the flooring was all wrong or the countertops didn’t match your taste. With the high cost of materials and labor it can be pricey to change out these details.

When you customize your home you get to pick all the finishes and fixtures. For instance, outfit your kitchen with granite countertops or finish out your master bath with high-end faucets. Sabal Homes has many selections for the exterior elevations of your dream home. Our homes can be Mediterranean, Traditional, Craftsman, or Tuscan architectural styles of exterior elevations.

  1. Location, Location, Location

The wrong location might have turned you off a potential house purchase in the past.

With Sabal Homes, you can pick from one of two luxurious gated communities. Nature lovers will find peace in Fishhawk Ranch. This community is surrounded by environmentally-protected land, nature and bike trails, a picturesque setting and family friendly living. Hidden Reserve is a 22 lot gated enclave of homes situated near a wooded preserve, centrally located for easy commute time and close to shopping, restaurants, and parks. Have a different location in mind for your dream home? You can build on your pre-existing lot too.

  1. Lower Monthly Bills

Reducing carbon footprints is top priority for many. You could retrofit an old home with green technology but, it’s easier to build energy efficiency into a new home. In fact, Sabal Homes incorporates green energy efficiency features into all our projects.

Your custom home will have LED lights, radiant barrier roof sheathing, low flow plumbing and much more. Plus, you won’t have to worry about high heating and cooling costs. Insulated double-pane windows and a deluxe programmable thermostat are just a few things that will keep your monthly energy bills low. 

Most importantly, however, Sabal Homes can build the home of your dreams at a reasonable price. You don’t have to break the bank to get started on building a semi-custom home. We have several strategies in place to work with you in order to fulfill your needs and surpass your expectations.

  1. Quality is a Guarantee

Lastly, older homes may be less expensive upfront. However, a 30-year-old home is bound to need more maintenance or even costly repairs. An older home may have been renovated by a less-than-handy DIYer. When you build a house from the ground up everything is brand new.

You can be sure corners weren’t cut during the construction of your Sabal home and the workmanship is backed by a 2-10 Home Builders Warranty. In other words, this means you won’t have to worry about surprise expensive repairs down the road.

It Makes Sense to Customize Your Home

Above all, creating the home of your dreams is an exciting adventure. If you are ready to get started, contact us today to find out how we can help you customize your home.

5 Benefits of Suburban Living Over the City Life

Benefits of Suburban Living

Are you thinking about moving to the suburbs but can’t make up your mind? If you’ve lived most of your life in a buzzing city full of people, noises, and activity, suburban living might seem too slow for you.

However, there are many pros and benefits to living a more peaceful, quieter lifestyle with more space and natural surroundings.

Keep reading to learn about 5 essential benefits of suburban living and why you should consider making a transition.

1. More Space and Less Crowded

Suburban living means more spacious homes and yards, which means more space for your family to grow. Suburban communities are also less crowded than cities, so everyone has more personal living space.

If you want a home that’ll meet all your space and family needs, consider buying in a community that you can build a new house on. At Sabal Homes, we aim to build custom homes for families in the suburbs that’ll meet all your expectations.

2. More Peace and Quiet

One of the best reasons to consider moving to the quiet suburban neighborhoods is the peace and quiet you can’t find in cities. There’s less traffic, no loud night clubs and restaurants, no train sounds, and more natural surroundings.

If you love listening to the birds chirping, the sounds of nature, and quiet nights, you’ll love living in the suburbs.

3. More Privacy and Safety

In suburban neighborhoods, you’ll have more privacy and safety than in a city apartment. Most houses are detached, so you won’t have to worry about curious eyes peeking through your windows. If you live in a gated community, you can sleep peacefully at night knowing you and your family are safe.

In todays world of uncertainty around COVID, suburban living provide more separation and space needed for todays family’s to cope with the demands of working for home and the security of social distancing which cant be provided in smaller tight knit rural areas.

4. More Natural Surroundings

Most suburban areas are outside the city, which means less traffic and more natural surroundings. Suburban communities are surrounded by forests, trails, parks, playgrounds, and waterfronts.

In developing suburban areas, you can choose a home-site and build a home from a selection of great floor plans based on your needs and family size. At Sabal Homes, we specialize in building beautiful homes for our customers focusing on quality, distinctive design, and long-term value.

5. Better Value for Your Money

Buying a home in the suburbs is more affordable than buying an apartment in the city, which means you’ll get more square footage for your money.

Whether you’re buying a move-in ready home or building one from scratch, the cost of living is significantly lower than downtown. This way, you can get a home that’ll fit your needs for years to come and that’ll accommodate an expanding family.

Enjoy the Benefits of Suburban Living Over City Life

If you’ve been thinking about transitioning to suburban living, these tips will help you understand the benefits of living outside the city. From more spacious housing to beautiful surroundings in a quiet environment, suburban life is the right next step for your family.

Ready to build the home of your dreams? Above all, we can turn your vision into reality and design a forever home you and your family will love. Contact us today to learn more about our process and talk about your needs.

Customizing Your Own Luxury Home

Customizing Your New Home

A suit tailored to your measurements will always fit better than one taken from off the rack. Similarly, a custom home to your liking will always be a better “fit” than a regular one. When deciding whether to invest in an aging home or one built from the ground up, wouldn’t your money be better spent on a luxury home designed to your liking? Read on about customizing your own home. 

Below, the professionals at Sabal Homes of Florida discuss how a semi-custom luxury home can serve you. When looking at Riverview luxury homes, know that the best are crafted with the needs and wants of the homeowner in mind. 

Customizing Options to Fit Your Lifestyle 

For many, the home is a nest where they can watch their children grow into young adults. For others, the home is a sanctuary where they can unwind and pursue hobbies in their free time. This sanctuary doubles as an office for anyone who works from home. Plus, there are still those who can’t live without room for an at-home gym. Everyone has their own unique needs and goals that they would like to see realized in the design of their luxury home, and at Sabal Homes of Florida, we have the designs to satisfy them all. 

The Customizing Process 

Our award-winning designs have a myriad of customizable options to choose from, each with floor plan variants that alter the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. If you’d prefer an extra bedroom and bathroom in lieu of a 3-car garage, that’s an option with our Seabreeze series. Alternatively, if you’d prefer an outdoor kitchen and extended lanai, our Baybreeze series may be what you’ve been searching for. 

At Sabal Homes of Florida, we have a streamline process. Our customization process ensures that you make all of the decisions. Our homes range in size from 3,185 to 4,685 square feet. In addition, our exteriors can be from amongst our Craftsman, Italian, Mediterranean, and Tuscan styles. We haven’t even touched on the inside of the home yet, where quite a few exciting choices lie. Cabinetry, countertops, flooring, lighting, and interior color schemes are just a few areas where small variations in customization can have an incredible impact on the look and feel of your living space. 

A House Should Feel Like a Home 

Too often, families settle for Riverview luxury homes that are lacking in one or more departments. There may be too few bathrooms, not enough kitchen space, or a suffocating floor plan. This could be the home that your family lives in for the rest of their lives. Shouldn’t the design be specific for their needs? Work with Sabal Homes of Florida to ensure that your home is customized to your exact specifications. As a Riverview luxury home builder, we want to give you and your family a home that fits just right. 

Above all, to speak with a Riverview luxury home builder, or to start building your luxury dream home, please submit our contact request form or call us at 813-655-7475.